T-email Email Setup

In this page you will find T-email email settings for Android. If you want to email setup in Android phone then just follow below step to send and received T-email.cz mail in your Android phone. Besides an overview of basic imap, smtp and pop server t-email email settings. This mail setup step may be vary by model, but mostly work for all Android device. If you find any problem or difficulty with T-email webmail setup do not hesitate to contact us.

T-email Setup Step Process

  1. Go to Android Home screen and open Email icon app.
  2. Enter your t-email.cz email address and T-email email account password, then click Manual Setup button.
  3. Select IMAP account.
  4. Enter the following details on incoming server settings screen.

    Username: Your email address is your username
    Password: Your account password
    IMAP server: imap.t-email.cz
    Security type: None
    Port: 143

    Click Next Button

  5. Enter the following details on outgoing server settings screen.

    SMTP server: smtp.t-email.cz
    Port: 25
    Security type: None

    Click Next Button

  6. Select Email check frequency (preferably every 15 minutes).
  7. Give your account name and Press Done.
  8. Congratulations, Now you can send and receive t-email.cz email on your Android device.
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