Newnorth Email Settings Support POP & SMTP Protocol provides IMAP and SMTP support so, you can access your Newnorth email from any desktop and mobile software with this Newnorth email setting.

Newnorth Incoming Mail Server
Account Type POP
Username [email protected]
Incoming Server
Server port 995
Authentication account password
Newnorth Outgoing Mail Server
Account Type SMTP
Username [email protected]
Outgoing Server
Server port 465
Authentication account password

Setup Your Account With Following Device

Still confused? how to setup newnorth email in your favorite email software. Check step-by-step instructions for your device.


We provide all details which required to set up your Newnorth email on any device such as Android, iPhone and Outlook, this setting also work on any device with this setting. Please check above Newnorth incoming and outgoing setting table.

You can configure any device with this Newnorth email setting, but we have provided three device step by step process how to setup your Newnorth email into your device. Please select your device from above three option iPhone, Android or Outlook software.

SMTP is a protocol which is used as outgoing mail server which send your Newnorth email from your device to mail server. Your Newnorth SMTP server is and server port is 465.

You can access your email two ways first you can directly access your email from Newnorth webmail from browser or you can setup your email on any device like Android, iPhone or Outlook software and access them from that device.

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