T-email Outlook Setting

In this page you will learn how to setup your T-email.cz email into Outlook software using T-email IMAP, SMTP hostname and port details.

Setup Your T-email.cz Account with Your Outlook Using IMAP & SMTP

  1. Start Outlook software, click on File tab at top of the corner and then click Add Account. Outlook Add Account
  2. Select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next. Outlook Account Setup
  3. Select POP or IMAP(connect to a POP and IMAP email account) option. Outlook Chose Service
  4. Enter the following details on POP and IMAP Account Settings page.

    User Information
    Your Name: Whatever you want.
    Email Address: Enter your T-email email address.

    Server Information:
    Account Type: Select IMAP
    Incoming mail server: imap.t-email.cz
    Outgoing mail server(SMTP): smtp.t-email.cz

    Logon Information:
    User Name: Your T-email.cz email address
    Password: Your T-email account password
    Check Remember password.

    Require logon using secure password authentication: No

    Click Next Button
    Outlook POP and IMAP Settings
  5. Wait for Outlook fetch all mails.
    Outlook Test Account Settings
  6. Congratulations, Now you can send and receive T-email.cz mail on your Outlook software.
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