Yeah Mail Setup for Outlook

Published on: April 27, 2017
Updated on: March 02, 2024

Yeah detailed instructions

There are many Outlook versions available, such as Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, etc. All have slightly different processes, or you may find some different options or names while setting up Yeah email, but these settings will work on all Outlook versions.

Step 1Add Account

Start Outlook software, click on File tab at top of the corner and then click Add Account.

Step 2Setup Option

Select Manual setup or additional server types option at bottom side.

Step 3Select Protocol Type

Select POP or IMAP (connect to a POP and IMAP email account) option.

Step 4POP and IMAP Account Settings

Add following Yeah server settings details as below.

User Information

Your Name: Whatever you want

Email Address: Enter your Yeah email address

Server Information:

Account Type: Select IMAP

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server(SMTP):

Logon Information:

User Name: Yeah email address

Password: Your account password

Check Remember password

Require logon using secure password authentication: No

Click More Settings Button

Step 5Advanced Tab

At the advanced tab, enter Yeah incoming server (IMAP) 993 port, select SSL No at use the following type of encrypted connection.

Enter outgoing server (SMTP) 465 port and select SSL No at use the following type of encrypted connection then click OK.

Step 6Testing

Click next and Outlook tests the connection. Wait for it to complete.

Step 7Done

Congratulations, Now you can send and receive mail on your Outlook software.