Portugalmail Email Settings

This email setting will help you add an Portugalmail email to any device, such as iPhone, Android, and desktop Outlook. We smtpimap.com provides Portugalmail.pt email up-to-date SMTP outgoing mail server and IMAP incoming mail server email settings with protocol and port details. Follow the steps to set up your Portugalmail.pt mail on your iPhone, Android, and Outlook. You will receive Portugalmail mail on your device within a few minutes.

Portugalmail.pt SMTP IMAP Settings

The below table shows Portugalmail.pt SMTP and IMAP settings detail such as Portugalmail supports IMAP with hostname pop.portugalmail.pt using IMAP port number 110 and SSL enabled No. Portugalmail supports SMTP as an outgoing server with hostname smtp.mail.optimus.pt using SMTP port number 25 and SSL must be No also make sure you have used Portugalmail.pt email address as username.

Incoming Mail Server Outgoing Mail Server
Account Type POP SMTP
Server Hostname pop.portugalmail.pt smtp.mail.optimus.pt
Server port 110 25
SSL/TLS Security No No
Username Your full Portugalmail email address
Authentication Your Portugalmail.pt email Password

Portugalmail Email Setup Instructions

If you don't understand how to set up Portugalmail email on your device, don't worry. We have provided a step-by-step process to setup Portugalmail.pt on your iPhone, Android, or Outlook easily. Just select your referred device and it will show you detailed step-by-step instructions.