T-email.cz email settings with IMAP & SMTP Configuration

Published on: February 01, 2017
Updated on: March 02, 2024

T-email.cz Mail IMAP & SMTP Details

Below, you will find all the email settings you are needed for to get your T-email.cz email into any device and software.

Incoming Mail Server
Account Type IMAP
Server Hostname imap.t-email.cz
Server port 143
SSL/TLS Security No
Username [email protected]
Password Your T-email.cz account password
Outgoing Mail Server
Account Type SMTP
Server Hostname smtp.t-email.cz
Server port 25
SSL/TLS Security No
Username [email protected]
Password Your T-email.cz account password

T-email.cz email setup instructions

Get step-by-step setup instructions for your T-email.cz email on the devices below.

FAQ about T-email.cz email configuration

Here are frequently asked questions for T-email.cz email settings with answers.

Why are T-email.cz email settings needed?
These T-email.cz email settings helps you setup your T-email.cz mail account on any device and software, to receive email on that device. So, you don't need to use T-email.cz webmail website.
T-email.cz supports IMAP for incoming mail server and SMTP for outgoing mail server. T-email.cz may support POP but you can use IMAP instead of POP type for incoming mail server.
Yes! You can access T-email.cz email using T-email.cz webmail from any device using any browser. To log in click here.
These T-email.cz email settings support any device, software and operating system such as Android, iOS, Windwos application etc.